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When I collaborate with others I get to know myself more as an artist. I see it as a great opportunity to try new styles and techniques and push myself out of my comfort zone to grow. The projects below have helped me do just this! 

If you are looking to commission illustrations for a new product, an upcoming event, marketing campaign or project please get in touch.

Eleven Beauty & Well-being

Illustration designs for Eleven's Meditation Box and Botanical Beauty boxes. We chose soft feathers for the Meditation box and lavender and mint bunches for the Botanical Beauty box to add elegance and detail. 

Root cafe

Hand-drawn illustrated cards for Root cafe in Hythe. Root prepare seasonal vegetarian meals made from natural ingredients. Their values around nature and sustainability made our collaboration a perfect fit. 


AR Filter for Instagram 

My drawing 'Leaves' was transformed into an interactive, moving AR filter for Instagram courtesy of 3D designer @wheres_ella


Visit my IG profile on mobile to have a go! Remember to tap the screen to change the leaves from white to black!


  • Female Empowerment on a Canvas Series interview with Zaftyg magazine

  • Mind, Body and Soul chat with Spiral Tea 

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