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Intuitive & Confidence Coach

As a Practicing Artist, Coach and Social media manager who has worked in marketing for over 8 years, the reoccurring question I get asked is: how do I show up on social media? However, once I offer some suggestions, this is soon followed by: “ahh that sound scary, I don’t think I can do that”. 


The truth is, if we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to? 

 My intention is to help you deepen self-belief so you can show up confidently and authentically online.  


My Story


As a child, I was adventurous, determined, sensitive and emotional. At times, even now, my emotions overwhelm me and big tears tumble down my cheeks at the drop of a hat, just like when I was little. For years I carried shame around this which amplified limiting beliefs. Over the years, I have fought through waves of feeling stuck, lost and indecisive, with many moments of self-doubt, unclear of my purpose and direction. 


However, after reading countless books, undertaking several courses, connecting with others, and creating self-reflective practices that nourish my soul, I have deepened my self-worth and self-trust – which for me, were at the root of my confidence issues. 


I have come to realise that my ability to feel things deeply, connect with my intuition and channel my emotions through art – are in fact my biggest gifts. Knowing this has given me confidence. It has reconnected me with my child self who would run into the sea, climb trees and be free! 

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I'm a practising artist and workshop facilitator, a self development obsessor and a vigorous reader and researcher.

I have undertaken courses in Life Purpose coaching, Confidence Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching with The Transformation Group. I have also completed ‘Awakened Body’ training with Embody Philosophy as a Somatic Practitioner. I am also a Sound Healing practitioner in training. 

As a coach, the work I do dives deep into mindset and emotions, exploring the connection between the mind and body. By tuning into our bodies, we allow our inner voice to come through clearly. I feel called to help others access their inner power, wisdom and strength to live life to the fullest. Because it is possible. 


Confidence starts with knowing that YOU can change the narrative. YOU have the power to swap out the limiting story with a fresh, new and more truthful one which invites your authentic self to shine. When we are authentic, we are truly free.


You do not have to be a prisoner to your thoughts or emotions. Instead, see emotions as your guides, pointing towards what needs to be processed, felt and released. The aim is to ebb and flow with them instead of being captivated by them or feeling resistance towards them.  

What will our sessions look like? 


Our time together is tailored to your needs, however varied they may be. Unsure of what you need the most? which feels truer for you from the below:

  • Do you want to feel confidence and improve your self-esteem to show up authentically?

  • Do you want to overcome blocks keeping you uninspired, unmotivated and stuck? 

  • Are you looking for an accountability partner to help you come up with a plan so you feel ready to take the next step? 

  • Do you want to develop your connection with your intuition and your emotions?

  • Do you want to master social media, find your niche and build a loyal audience?

I offer the following packages:

Social media mentorship - 4 weeks of weekly 1:1 coaching (60 minutes) 

Helping you find your niche, create a strong profile and content strategy and build a loyal audience on Instagram. Find out more.


Confidence coaching - 6 weeks of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 minutes) 

A deep dive into the blocks keeping you from showing up, to leave you feeling confident and ready to get out there! Find out more.


Combined package - 8 weeks of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 minutes)

This package combines Social Media Mentorship and Confidence Coaching. It is more intensive and all-rounded. Find out more.

One-off social media audit - 90 minute

Need another pair of eyes on your Instagram profile? Want to learn more tools to leverage you presence? This one is for you! Find out more.


Although our sessions will be mainly talking based, as a Practitioner of Somatics I also interweave tools such as sound healing, breath work, visualisation and guided meditation to provide grounding and space for your imagination and creativity to wander freely. Together we will set weekly steps and “healing homework” with journaling prompts for further reflection. 


So, over to you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen. Does this feel right for you? 


If it’s a YESS or even a maybe, book a free 30 minute call with me and let’s talk more. Drop me an email at:

Please note that I am not a licensed therapist, nor claiming to be. If you feel there is deeper work to be done, and you need to revisit your distant past to process unresolved experiences, a qualified therapist or counsellor may be a better fit for you. I recommend visiting 


How long do sessions take? 

Our sessions will last from 60-90 minutes, depending on your chosen package. They will be an immersive mix of talking and creative exercises with healing homework. 

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

Get ready to share your social media profiles with me for us to go through. Otherwise, bring notebook and pen for any notes. Find a setting where you feel physically and emotionally comfortable to delve into topics, share, express, feel and focus. 

How many sessions do I need?


On our initial call together, we can talk through which package is best for you. After completing the package, there is an option to continue weekly sessions with me on a rolling basis. 

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