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"When I create, I enter a state of flow, where I can channel my emotions, feel present and heal."

Intuitive & Sensual art

connecting with nature, healing through art

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"When we connect with the earth we truly heal and grow"


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Creative Flow with Cacao, Sound & Intuitive Art

Saturday 22nd April, 10am - 1pm, Soma Studio

In celebration of Earth Day Louise Shiels and Harriet Adkin have come together to create a soul-nourishing day of cacao, sound healing, and intuitive art, intended to leave you feeling connected, re-charged and inspired in your creative flow. 

Female Empowerment on a

Canvas Series

Interview with Zaftyg Magazine


About Me

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I’m Harriet, an Intuitive Artist and Coach based in London. 


Throughout my life, I have turned to The Arts as a form of therapy. Intuitive art for me is about being present in the process rather than focusing on the outcome, connecting with the earth through my senses and channelling my emotions. 

I am interested in the therapeutic benefits of art and creative play. Surrendering control, connecting with my sensuality and emotional self and using art as a tool for healing. Paired with nature, I am fascinated by the temporary nature of art in relation to life and its many seasons.


The healing journey is continuous. I hope to support others in unlocking and processing their emotions with my art and workshops.


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