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"When I create, I enter a state of flow, where I can channel my emotions, feel present and heal."

Intuitive & Sensual art

connecting with nature, healing through art

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Creative Flow with Cacao, Sound & Intuitive Art

Saturday 22nd April, 10am - 1pm, Soma Studio

In celebration of Earth Day Louise Shiels and Harriet Adkin have come together to create a soul-nourishing day of cacao, sound healing, and intuitive art, intended to leave you feeling connected, re-charged and inspired in your creative flow. 

Female Empowerment on a

Canvas Series

Interview with Zaftyg Magazine



Harriet Adkin 1.jpg

Harriet Adkin was born in Kent and currently lives and works in London.

Since childhood, she has turned to The Arts to further her personal growth and healing, with a fondness for visual art, music, acting, and writing. Art anchors her to the present and asks her to trust the process and release expectation. 

With an interest in spirituality, psychology, and the natural world, the canvas mirrors her emotional landscape. Her practice allows her to surrender control and free fall into a dreamy, playful flow state. Using a combination of watercolours, acrylic paints, and natural materials, she lets water move intuitively to determine the base layer and tone of her predominantly abstract work. Appearing as rich, earthy, etheric scenes, she seeks to connect with a viewer on a deeply personal level, showing them what needs to be healed and nurtured within them. 

Harriet is a self-taught artist with an extensive background in Event Management and Marketing and a degree from the University of Greenwich (2012-2015). Between working and travelling around the world, she hosts art workshops around the UK, ranging from schools to hospitals, with the intention of connecting people with creativity as a tool for healing. In 2022, Harriet was Artist in Residence for A Space In Between charity and worked with Paintings in Hospitals Art Charity to develop their Communications strategy. She is currently working as an Artist Assistant. 


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