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"When we connect with the earth we truly heal and grow"

Intuitive art

connecting with nature, healing through art

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Connect with self: 4-week programme

A 4-week programme intended to deepen your connection with self, co-hosted with Francesca Raffa, in collaboration with Go Inspire. 

Female Empowerment on a

Canvas Series

Interview with Zaftyg Magazine

About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Harriet, an Intuitive Artist based in London. 


Throughout my life I have turned to The Arts as a form of therapy. Intuitive art for me is about being present, connecting with my senses and channelling my emotions. 


I use colours and materials that resonate, letting shapes form on the page. It feels freeing. I connect with the earth through my senses; closing my eyes and channelling what I feel. Being present in the process rather than focusing on the outcome. 


I am interested in the therapeutic benefits of art and creative play. Surrendering control, connecting with my emotional self and using art as a tool for healing. Paired with nature, I am fascinated by the temporary nature of art in relation to life and its many seasons.


The healing journey is continuous. I hope to support others in unlocking and processing their emotions with my art and workshops.


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