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"When I create, I enter a state of flow, where I can channel my emotions, feel present and heal."


Creating and expressing myself through art is something I have always naturally done. If I don't create for a while, the yearning and craving becomes stronger – it's like a deep hunger within me. It's like my soul feels cages and silenced until I pick up a paintbrush, and when I do, it's a dance between peace and passion that brings equilibrium and grounds me. It gives voice to my emotions while simultaneously bringing shadow aspects to light. Art brings me closer to oneness, to wonder, and what really matters in life. ​

Artist statement

Harriet Adkin was born in Sidcup, Kent, in 1993 and currently lives in London. Harriet's work draws inspiration from the realms of spirituality, psychology, and the natural world, effectively transforming her canvas into a reflection of her emotional landscape. Her practice allows her to enter a deep flow state where every emotion is nurtured. With an intuitive approach, she combines mixed media and oil paint to dictate the tonality of her predominantly abstract creations. These works manifest as rich, ethereal scenes which intend to forge a deeply personal connection with the viewer.


Kaeçen, 2023


A specially created piece of artwork based on one of Kaeçen's signature scents. Kaeçen is an artistic fragrance house communicating purely through creative expression and visual art mediums. The PV was held on October 27th 2023, at The Stables in Covent Garden, London. 


Inside Kent, 2023

Heiter Magazine, 2022

A Space Between - Artist in Residence, 2022


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