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Workshops & Events

My workshops intend to bring a sense of calm and offer an opportunity for people to connect with their emotions, their creativity and with nature. If you're looking to bring some mindfulness and creativity to your space, I would love to host a workshop with you. Here are some ideas of what we could do together:

  • Intuitive art session with nature


Here, we connect with our senses and channel our emotions through simple, joyful art exercises. Using different materials to draw with, we will be drawing from leaves, branches and flowers, not only drawing what we see but how they feel to smell and touch. A truly sensory, immersive art session which is all about finding calm and being present in the process. 

  • Mindful plant drawing

Mindful drawing is another way to practise mindfulness. By focusing our attention on the pen we are holding, the marks we are making, we are in the present. Here, we'll be drawing from the plants around us, using different materials. A relaxing workshop asking you to let go, release judgment and observe the beauty of plants. 

Other ideas:

  • Sensual art and journaling 

  • Guided visual meditation

  • Forest bathing and nature art making

  • Eco / Sustainable art workshop with natural materials 


Get in touch with me via email at to collaborate

Upcoming Workshops

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In celebration of Earth Day Louise Shiels and Harriet Adkin have come together to create a soul-nourishing day of cacao, sound healing, and intuitive art, intended to leave you feeling connected, re-charged and inspired in your creative flow. Book your spot and find out more here.


"I attended the Mindful Plant Drawing workshop and I loved it – I learnt some great techniques and came away with an end product that I'm truly proud of!" 


"The drawing exercises were very interesting especially seeing how differently other people perceive things. It felt very welcoming to all, no need for drawing experience and Harriet was really friendly and helpful. Beautiful plants, beautiful atmosphere! Big thank you for a great evening!" 


“The Mindful Drawing workshop completely changed the way I look at drawing. Harriet was an amazing leader and I felt both relaxed and inspired afterwards. Thank you!” 

"You've inspired me to make August a month of creativity without worrying about producing perfect end-products and pick up those paintbrushes and pencils again!" - Nelum

Read more about my Mindful Plant Drawing workshop with London Makers Market here 

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