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Mindful Plant Drawing Workshop with LMM

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In October 2021 I had the pleasure of hosting a Mindful Plant Drawing workshop with London Makers Market at The Duchess Belle in Battersea, and what a relaxing evening it was!

The aim of the workshop was to get people feeling calm, present and empowered. Mindful drawing is another way of practising mindfulness. By focusing our attention on the pen we are holding, the marks appearing on a blank page, and our current state, we are in the present.

I encouraged the group to let go of any self-judgement, or stories they were telling themselves about not being "creative". Instead, I asked them to focus on the act of drawing; to let their minds wander instead of fixating on certain thoughts. The goal of mindful drawing is to be present in the process, rather than focusing on the final outcome.

We started with one of my guided visual nature meditations to feel rooted and calm, followed by some warm up drawing exercises – read about how to practise Mindful Drawing here. We then started to draw from the plants around us, observing their unique markings and shapes, all whilst feeling fully immersed, listening to nature sounds to create a safe, comfortable and tranquil space where we could switch off from busy life, even just for two hours.

"I attended the Mindful Plant Drawing workshop and I loved it – I learnt some great techniques and I came away with an end product that I'm truly proud of!" - Taryn

The drawings created were unique and personal to the creator. The group could take their plant drawings home in card mount frames, wrapped and protected in biodegradable wallets, ready to place proudly in their homes.


If you would like to bring some mindfulness to your event, please drop me an email: I would love to work with you.

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