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"When I create, I enter a state of flow, where I can channel my emotions, feel present and heal."

Intuitive & Sensual art

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Creative Flow with Cacao, Sound & Intuitive Art

Saturday 22nd April, 10am - 1pm, Soma Studio

In celebration of Earth Day Louise Shiels and Harriet Adkin have come together to create a soul-nourishing day of cacao, sound healing, and intuitive art, intended to leave you feeling connected, re-charged and inspired in your creative flow. 

Female Empowerment on a

Canvas Series

Interview with Zaftyg Magazine



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Harriet Adkin was born in Sidcup, Kent, in 1993 and currently lives and works in London. Harriet is a self-taught Artist with an extensive background in Event Management and Marketing, earning her a BA Hons from the University of Greenwich. Between working and traveling the world, Harriet dedicates her time to hosting art and wellbeing workshops to connect people with creativity as a tool for healing. 


From an early age, Harriet has been captivated by the Arts. She harbours a deep affection for visual art, music, acting, and writing. For Harriet, art is a therapeutic tool that anchors her to the present, reconnects her with her inner child, and encourages her to trust the creative process.


Harriet's work draws inspiration from the realms of spirituality, psychology, and the natural world, effectively transforming her canvas into a reflection of her emotional landscape. Her artistic practice allows her to enter a deep flow state where every emotion is welcomed and nurtured. With an intuitive approach, she combines watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, and oil paint to dictate the layers and tonality of her predominantly abstract creations. These works manifest as rich, ethereal scenes which intend to forge a deeply personal connection with the viewer.

In 2022, Harriet was Artist in Residence for A Space In Between charity and worked with Paintings in Hospitals Art Charity to develop their Communications strategy. She is currently working as an Artist Assistant. 


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